Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Through The Window

Looking through a window that goes all the way down to the floor …twinkling lights that look like hundreds of ribbons of colors each tied to its knot, the velvet ancient water of the Nile giving a winking eye while gifting me a glimpse of its sarcastic power over that endless rival.

Light purple music filling the air coming from a stereo that is not even on. As soon as your scent touches the tip of my nose ..The world enters a completion status. I travel in space and time when your lips pat the back of my shoulders; I hold my breath sticking out a virtual tongue teasing that endless enemy.
Your kisses start crawling across my shoulders to the back of my neck, as the army of pleasure moves up my hand reaches for the switch and turn it off EVERYTHING off. The world is the velvet water, the twinkling lights and your scent…all what I can hear is the pleasure force filling the emptiness.

I turn around facing you..my starving nose is searching for more food up your neck….i cannot recognize the blend between the perfume and your actual masculine scent .
I hear you say “your kisses drive me crazy”..baby you know nothing about being crazy.

I hear my endless enemy ticking through a clock on the wall… sending a sarcastic Victorian laugh sensing the fading of my power given by the ancient secret. I hear a plane engine…not sure whether it’s the plan that got you here or the one will take you away tomorrow.

I hear you talk about a retirement house in the suberb and living your old days with your two dogs…I smile ..dogs don’t live that long.….i cry.

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Abu Salah said...

lovely written it look like ur photos ya shera need to live with it for a while to absorb it well.keep it up